Greenfields Exploration

Geophysics, Geochemistry

The Quartzstone property was previously surveyed by coarse (200m) ground magnetics & radiometrics, plus limited IP/Resistivity surveys.

A new high-resolution (50m) air- borne magnetics + radiometrics survey is planned over most of the property (~ 230 km2, 4,600 line km) in order to develop a more accurate geological and structural interpretation.

In addition, first-pass soil geochemistry coverage will be extended to the west to evaluate untested NE- trending structures (400m X 50m for 4,500 samples).


Soil geochemistry at Quartzstone has proven ineffective over some areas covered by transported alluvium, laterite and mine runoff which mask the geochemical response of the underlying rock.

Mechanical auger drilling with geochemical sampling of the underlying regolith is planned over geologically prospective areas affected by masking cover. e.g. the NW Zone & where it intersects the granite contact.

Areas of significant auger anomalism will then be tested by scout drilling, leading to new discoveries and potential additional resource growth.

Less than 50% of the Quartzstone property has been covered to date by soil sampling. The geochemical survey and prospecting will be extended over select areas not previously covered, followed up by trenching and/or scout drilling, in order to assess the balance of the property.